Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TARC Fall Classic 2013 Race Report 10/19/13

I ran the 50k distance at the TARC Fall Classic race in Carlisle/Chelmsford's Great Brook Farms. Check out the writeup on Far North's website HERE.

Here is a breakdown of my training over the last 12 weeks:

7/29 - 8/4: Recovering after the Bear Brook Marathon, Easy runs (44 miles total, 2,566' climb)

8/5 - 8/11: Tempo, easy runs, and long at the Monoosnoc Trail (44 miles total, 7,480' climb)
8/12 - 8/18: A few easy runs, long hill repeats at Wachusett Mtn. (52 miles total, 6,730' climb)
8/19 - 8/25: Hill repeats Monday, then off until Semi-double Presi Traverse attempt (35 miles total, 11,870' climb)
8/26 - 9/1: Recovery week, easy runs with Mt. Chocorua climb Sunday (23 miles total, 3,725' climb)
9/2 - 9/8: Easy stroller jogs with long run at Wapack Trail (42 miles total, 5,424' climb)
9/9 - 9/15: Tempos, easy runs, hill repeats, long run in Douglas, MA to North South Trail (57 miles total, 2,803' climb)
9/16 - 9/22: Hip was nagging me, recovery week then a hill session at Pleasant Mtn. Maine (17 miles total, 5,840' climb)
9/23 - 9/29: Tempo runs, intervals, fartlek (41 miles total, 2,014' climb)
9/30 - 10-6: Longer tempos, hill repeats, and a second visit to Pleasant Mtn. (50 miles total, 8,502' climb)
10/7 - 10/13: Easy runs, long tempo run with Mt. Wachusett climb (45 miles total, 4,513' climb)
10/14 - 10/20: Easy runs, tempo and race, with shakeout run Sunday (61 miles total, 4,740' climb)

I am a strong believer in elevation/climbing in training and even though I live in central Mass. where it is not that hilly, I try to fit in as much climbing as possible in my runs. It seems to help with my leg strength when I encounter hills as well as assisting in breathing control. I started using Strava as a tool to measure my runs rather than just guessing and writing them down on paper and never really knowing the climbing that I had been doing.

The climbing should be helpful for the five loops along the Skyline Trail at Middlesex Fells on December 7th.

Elevation profile
Early morning light over the field

The Yeti (Anthony Parillo this time) awaits the runner

Registration Barn

Afternoon sunlight

Formwork near the finish line

After the finish

Starting to get warm out

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